Check out the complete list of the best and most impressive bongs with all the associated features, comparisons, pros and cons, as well as suggestions.

This article will definitely make a lot of people around the world happy, because it discusses the best bongs of 2019 and provides all pros and cons of each product, so that you can be sure to find just the right one for you. Generally, the best glass bongs are defined based on functionality, durability as well as safety.

A lot of newbies tend to select affordable options and end up having regrets, once their bong breaks quickly after purchase or after they find a better option. The guide below contains all the necessary information that will assist you in selecting a fit-for-purpose bong, while not spending too much money on it.

When it comes to bongs, there may be a variety of shapes, sizes and designs, but the three most famous are beakers, tubes, and bubblers. The article below will provide various types of bongs with its features and other details for your reference and guidance.

Best Bongs Review

The Best Bongs 2019 Comparison Table

Best Bongs

VaporizersProduct DescriptionRecommended PriceConclusion
Toro8.3inch Glass Honeycomb Bong Jet Perc Wax Dab Rig TORO Oil Rigs Smoking Pipe Fab Egg Bubblers Water Pipe with Quartz Banger
$ 18.31 - 34.99Simple Design with Reliable Functionality
Beta Glass Labs Petra

Featuring a multi-stage anti-clog diffuser, the Petra Puffco Peak attachment will filter and cool like no other option on the market.

$349Improved Filtration Experience
  • Height: 14 in
  • Thick 7mm borosilicate
  • 14mm male bowl
  • Extended removable downstem
  • Green decal
$359Durable and Reliable Smoking Partner
Illadelph 9mm Short Beaker
  • 50x9mm Tubing
  • 17” 19” 21” Heights
  • 19/22 Super Extra Thick Heavy Wall Joint
  • 9mm Foot
  • Colored Downstem
  • Extra Thick 14/20 Single Hole Slide
$730-920High-Class Smoking
Pulse Leaning Tongue
  • Height: 7"
  • Base: 3"
  • Joint Sz: 14mm Direct Inject
  • Barrel Dome Included
  • Tube Diameters: 50mm
$420Aesthetics Meets Quality
The “Flavor Tube” Mini Beaker
  • 8" Inches Tall
  • 14mm Female Joint
  • Slime Green Accents
  • Thick Borosilicate Glass
  • Beaker Bottom
  • Mini Beaker
  • Diffy Perc
$59.99Simplicity and Reliability of Design
WeedStar Smellchecker
  • Compact bong set made of glass, consisting of a Smellchecker WS-Line glass bong and a Weedstar Pure bowl
  • Height: 46 cm | Joint: 18.8
  • Diameter: 65 mm
  • Ice notches: Yes | Carb hole: No
  • Percolator: Slithole diffuser
$102Glassbong Waterpipe Bubbler with ice notches & diffuser system
Manifest Glassworks Stemless Diffy to CirqClassic shaping and style with completely updated function!$100 - 499Straightforward Reliability
Sovereignty Peyote PillarSovereignty Glass has been making unique, highly functional scientific glass for over a decade.$100 - $1000Exclusive Design and Innovations


Simple Design with Reliable Functionality
Toro Bong

Toro Glass is originated from New York, USA. This place is famous for reliable best bongs, glass pipes and quarts bangers, which are always on high demand. The manufacturer is competing in current market for around 10 years with impressive quality and reliable reputation and applying scientific approach for its bongs design.
Select Bong Pros and Cons

  • Good balance between percolation and drag
  • Easy to clean
  • More resilient vaporizer body
  • Durable

  • Large space required for storage
  • Higher price
  • Removable slide can get lost
  • Requires extra lungs capacity
7 Arm – 13 Arm tube by Toro creates a good balance between plenty of percolation and sufficient drag. With this approach water filters the smoke two times via several tree arm percolators. The straight tube design creates ease and comfort during bong cleaning and reduces its likelihood of breaking in case if bong’s bottom hits against hard surface. In event that base gets chipped, it’s functionality will still remain.

However, keep in mind – this best bong’s tube is quite big, hence not everyone will have enough lung capacity to clear the entire bong at once. That can be fixed by removing the slide, just make sure you don’t break it.

2.Beta Glass Labs Petra

Improved Filtration Experience

Beta Glass Labs Petra Bong

Beta Glass Labs is among the best bongs and keeps gaining its fame by introducing appealing designs and providing satisfying quality dabbers with quite reasonable and affordable price. The manufacturer originates from Germany and has an impressive record of reliable products with interesting designs and various new introductions.
Select Bong Pros and Cons

  • Thick Schott glass
  • Mouthpiece for extra comfort
  • Base provides stability and durability
  • Multistage hybrid diffuser

  • Bulky shape requires extra storage space
  • High price
  • Small distance between user and flame
The Petra model is finished with a thick Schott glass, which has some additional thickness at the joint, as well as mouthpiece and base for additional durability and protection. The reinforced “L” section of the bridge creates additional sturdiness, while the slim inhale section creates no drag even during heavy smoking.

By maintaining desired water level, debris get transferred to the second chamber and don’t precipitate at the base, while clogging the percolator. Special design of the neck flange and bend protects your mouth from any debris or water. The second chamber creates additional diffusion and doesn’t let troublesome resins pass through.

Bong has a multi-stage hybrid diffuser at the bottom chamber with a shower head percolator located at the bottom and a 4-hole diffuser above it. You have the freedom to enjoy both single and dual stage filtration. Inhale harder to activate dual stage with shower head perc and activate 4-hole diffuser with a soft inhale.

Dabbers will find the design and size suitable for concentrates application.

However, it is highly advisable to be careful with the piece of this best bong, because its small size creates a small interval between you and the flame, so don’t put it too close to your face to avoid any burns.


Durable and Reliable Smoking Partner
Roor Bong

Originated from Germany, one of the best bongs RooR demonstrates an impressive combination of reliable knowledge and rich experience by offering high-class smoking experience. The name “RooR” remotely resembles a German word “Rohr”, which translates as “pipe”. Long presence in current market allows RooR to demonstrate a wide variety of attractive styles, reliable tubes and beakers and durable Schott glass that comes all the way from Germany.
Select Bong Pros and Cons

  • Good reputation
  • Inline 10-arm percolators
  • Splashguard
  • Ice Pinch

  • Hard to clean
  • Requires extra lung capacity
The Roor Brand has been around for more than 20 years, while building a reputation of a durable partner, who offers impressive quality. Improved filtration is achieved with an inline and 10 arm percolators, which replace catcher. Thanks to that you will not require any additional effort to enjoy smooth hits, get the rips and enjoy smoking to the maximum. Besides that, RooR also provides a splashguard together with ice pinch.

On the downside, the best bong RooR, thanks to its size, has a bigger volume, which cannot be fully cleared unless you take a very deep breath, so don’t get surprised when you face issues with clearing RooR on your own.

4.Illadelph 9mm Short Beaker

High-Class Smoking
Illadelph 9mm Short Beaker

Illadelph is some sort of Louis Vuitton in the market of the best bongs. The manufacturer is in the market for a very long time and has developed a lot of great bong models to support brand power. Previously there were a lot of counterfeiters, who have tried and failed to use the brand’s reputation for their own benefit. Illadelph can be purchased via authorized retailers, who are listed on their own website.
Select Bong Pros and Cons

  • Resilient glass finishing
  • Bigger size for improved water filtration
  • Extra space between mouth and bowl

  • Expensive
  • A lot of fake models
The 9mm Short Beaker has a big size and sturdy body finished with 9MM glass base. The increased size of the bong creates the best and most memorable smoking experience. Additional space between your mouth and the bowl piece provides sufficient time for smoke to cool down.

The slide has got some extra thickness and nice coloured finishing as well, resulting in of the most attractive pieces on today’s market. The acrylic clip will add some decoration and will keep the slide in place to avoid it following the bowl out once resin starts accumulating.

Of course, this kind of masterpiece simply cannot worth a few bucks, hence some may find it challenging to pay a high price for a classic beaker with straight tube. So, make sure you prepare some extra money to be able to enjoy this premium bong. In addition, the brand’s fame creates the tendency for a big number of fake models, so if you happen to see an Illadelph best bong model at some shop for sale, while in fact it is not available at their website – be sure that it is fake.

5.HiSi Double Geyser Perc

Comfort and Functionality
HiSi Double Geyser Perc

HiSi is known to be a short form for “Highly Scientific” due to the fact that their bongs and other glass accessories have an appearance, as if they were taken from a laboratory.
Select Bong Pros and Cons

  • Stem generating diffusion
  • Easy to remove dirty water
  • Best percolators in market

  • Percolators tend to get clogged
  • Large size needs a place to store
The winning advantage of HiSi Double Geyser is the stem that provides diffusion downwards. In addition, the bong has black plastic caps at the beaker base, which makes it easier to remove dirty water. Besides that, HiSi is known for one of the best percolators available in the market — mostly if you are fan of bubbling up all the way to the very top. Double geysers transfer water to the piece centre, which results in a smooth smoke and unimpeded inhaling.

The small size of hole percolators creates a tendency for them being clogged after continuous use. Likewise, it will require you to clean your HiSi bong more frequently if you want it to function properly for a long time without affecting your health.

6.Pulse Leaning Tongue

Aesthetics Meets Quality
Pulse Leaning Tongue Bong

Pulse Leaning Tongue has previously won a number of awards, thanks to its functionality and impressive quality. Its manufacturer is based in Los Angeles and it has been conquering the market with satisfying quality, scientific approach towards design, as well as top-class durable borosilicate glass for many years by now.
Select Bong Pros and Cons

  • Affordable price
  • Gridded tongue percolator
  • Bent neck prevents splashes

  • Limited choice of ash catchers
  • Bulky size requires space to put on
The gridded tongue percolator has a unique design, which allows you to enjoy the high-quality cannabis, while actually tasting it, thanks to continuous supply of bubbles all the way to the can top. The tongue design was inspired by the desire to achieve better diffusion and taste more flavour. The special design of a bent neck will prevent any splashes back to your face.

Moreover, from tongue all the way to the disc the bong is gridded with sandblasted glass for enhanced aesthetics. Simplicity of design, aesthetics and functionality of this bong will satisfy the most demanding fans of bongs.

However, it is worth pointing out that the joint comes with a bowl piece for dry herbs. Hence, the gridded tongue is the only percolation you have and the male joint is the limiting factor when it comes selecting ash catchers.

7.The “Flavor Tube” Mini Beaker

Simplicity and Reliability of Design
The “Flavor Tube” Mini Beaker Bong

Flavor Tube is very suitable for smokers, who search for their first piece and who like to smoke alone. The small piece is made of slime green glass and thick borosilicate. The bong is not really big – 8″ tall and is equipped with a glass disk on the beaker’s bottom. The beaker provides more volume as well as stability.
Select Bong Pros and Cons

  • Diffusion percolator protects from splashes
  • Slider with no moving parts
  • Slider can be replaced with quartz banger

  • No bent neck
  • Uncomfortable to smoke
The 14mm female joint is equipped with a diffusion percolator, which is installed at a certain angle to avoid any splash-back. The slider has no moving parts and the bong is very simple in utilization and doesn’t require any effort to clean. The added disk at the bottom provides additional stability to the entire bong. Replace the slider with a quartz banger and a carb to enjoy extra flavours.

On the cons side, it is worth pointing out that “Flavour Tube” Mini Beaker is not equipped with a bent neck, hence you will need smoke it at weird angles or alternatively tilt best bong.

8.WeedStar Smellchecker

WeedStar Smellchecker Bong

The Smellchecker by WeedStar is finished with borosilicate glass 5mm thickness. The bong comes with an impressive size –65 mm in diameter and 46 cm height. The reinforced fixed down-stem is equipped with a 6-slit inline percolator, which ease the hits, thanks to its large size.
Select Bong Pros and Cons

  • Big milky hits
  • Big size for extra water volume
  • Simple design
  • Easy to clean

  • Hard to clean due to large volume
  • Only clear colour option available
One of the most obvious advantages is, of course, the size – this bong will let you indulge yourself with big, milky and icy hits – something that any smoker could only dream of. You can even put ice inside the Smellchecker to enjoy big, icy hits and have unforgettable smoking experience. The big size allows a large volume water which can efficiently filter the smoke. Besides that, the simple design makes it very easy to clean – just use some alcohol and salt to get cleaner results.

However, the large volume has also got a negative side – you will hardly be able to clear the entire bong in one drag, so make sure you properly adjust the volume. In addition, the best bong comes in clear colour only, hence those who prefer diversified colourful versions may not find this model fancy.

9.Manifest Glassworks Stemless Diffy to Cirq

Straightforward Reliability
Manifest Glassworks Stemless Diffy to Cirq Bong

MGW Glassworks is a well-known best bong manufacturer that is located in New York and has a long record of successful production of high-quality glass bongs both, for dry herbs as well as concentrates. The company attracts its customers with exclusive durability of its glass products that can serve the purpose for a long time without breaking.
Select Bong Pros and Cons

  • Slide allows to smoke flower and herbs
  • Two percolators
  • Splash guard
  • Straightforward design

  • Hard to clean inside the dome
  • Difficult to clean inside percolator
The sturdy slide allows to smoke flowers and other herbs. The bong is equipped with two percolators, which generate double diffusion and result in a smoother hit and easy, pleasant smoking experience. The splash guard will take care of any water that may accidentally come out of the bong during smoking and will prevent it from shooting straight inside your mouth. Hence, nothing will disturb you from enjoying your favourite flavours. The straightforward design definitely adds points, especially for those who prefer classic bongs and don’t want something too large.

On the downside, MGW Glassworks Stemless Diffy to Cirq may have difficulties with cleaning, mostly inside the dome of each circular percolator. In order to ensure the best bong remains clean, you may require to apply a cleaner containing salt or alternative types of abrasive to scrub any precipitates from resin parts.

10.Sovereignty Peyote Pillar

Exclusive Design and Innovations
Sovereignty Peyote Pillar Bong

Sovereignty Glass has been conquering the glass market for the past decade and by now has managed to achieve quite impressive results. The company was formed back in 2007 and specializes in innovative design, high quality materials and exclusive design.
Select Bong Pros and Cons

  • Special curved neck for smoke diffusion
  • Peyote ball for a better diffusion
  • Bend protects from swallowing water

  • High price
  • Difficult to clean inside percolator
  • Pieces can’t be replaced with other brands
Those who are searching for a big glass tube to smoke dry herbs, should definitely have a look at Sovereignty Peyote Pillar, because this model holds the leading positions of the top-list. The OG tube is finished in a straight shape, but also equipped with a special curved neck – exclusive Peyote Pillar design. Likewise, the smoke gets diffused via “peyote ball”, which contains a few holes in it. As you inhale, bubbles being stacking up until they finally reach to the main chamber top. The special bend will protect you from swallowing any water, so the smoke will get diffused through water to provide you with a memorable smoking experience.

It is a well-known fact that Sovereignty Peyote Pillar is quite an expensive model, hence you will need to prepare some cash to afford this bong. In addition, this model is famous for having one of the most expensive pieces, which you can find on the market today. You won’t be able to replace the pieces with other brands, since they are customized, so be careful with this best bong and take a good care of it to avoid spending a lot of money for maintenance.

Buyer’s Guide and FAQ

CBD is a well-known abbreviation for “cannabidiol”. Generally, cannabinoid is extracted from in cannabis plants. Cannabinoids represent a chemical compound that influence cells. Being fat-soluble, cannabinoids tend to accumulate inside human brain, internal genital organs, lungs, and slowly absorb into the blood circulation system, while bringing the pleasurable effect of being “high”.

Things to consider when selecting best bong

The following features are suggested for consideration when selecting a good bong:

  • glass thickness;
  • sturdiness;
  • number of moving parts (the less, the better);
  • easiness in cleaning;
  • inside volume
Besides that, there are additional factors that you should consider when choosing a bong, like restriction of airflow, level of smoke diffusion, however the best way to discover those two is to try using it, or checking various reviews from experienced users.
Easily clean your glass bubbler or hand pipes using salt
Video About How to Clean a Glass Bong

Major types of bongs you should know about

Major types of bongs you should know about
Bongs are generally available in various shapes and the most popular are tubes, bubblers and beakers.
Tube Bongs consist of a cylindrical neck with a disk and the end going all the way to the bong bottom of the bong, which provides stability. Tube bongs are very common and can be easily cleaned.

Bubbler bongs are also known as water pipes and generally designed for one person. They have a smaller size and volume. Other than that, bubblers have pretty similar functions as basic bongs.

Beakers look somewhat like laboratory beakers that you are used to see in chemical labs. They have a lot of similarities with tube bongs and also contain a long neck, but in case of beakers the bong doesn’t end at the bottom of the neck. Beakers have more volume for water, which results in more stability and better hits.

Importance of glass quality when selecting a bong

Importance of glass quality when selecting a bong
When it comes to bongs, the glass quality is basically one of the most important factors you should consider. Don’t go for cheap glass from China, because it has high tendency to crack or break soon after purchase. Remember that reliable glass is directly responsible for bongs durability and, most importantly, for the quality of smoking session. Trust me, you definitely don’t want to be cost-saving on that.

How To Use A Bong
Video About How to Use a Water Bong


Q: How do bongs generally function?

A: Smoke undergoes filtration via the bowl’s downstem and accumulates inside the bong’s chamber. If a bong is equipped with percolators, then smoke filtration will take place there. If bong is equipped with ice catch, the smoke will undergo filtration there. At the end, the smoke rises up to mouthpiece, and then straight to your mouth.

Q: What is the price of a bong?

A: It all depends on the type of quality, as well as manufacturer, additional features, size, and, of course, material selection and design. Likewise, the average price range would be around $50 to $500 and above. However, if you do your research thoroughly, you can find a qualitative product for approximately $150.

Q: What percolator actually is?

A: Percolator generally refers to a special device that filters the smoke when it rises from the bong and/or water pipe. Depending on specifications, some percolators may also cool down the smoke.

Q: Is smoking bongs healthier comparing to other methods of smoking?

A: First of all, smoking in general is not healthy. Hence, if possible, stay away from smoking to maintain your health in good conditions. However, when it comes to bongs, then based on a number of studies, it has been concluded that bongs equipped with diffused downstems are able to provide up to 99% filtration of carcinogens and particulate contained in smoke. On the other hand, dry pipes are able to achieve 20-30% of filtration only.

Q: What to do if attachment doesn’t fit with the bong?

A: In case, if you struggle to find a suitable attachment, please use male-to-female adapters, which provide flexibility of your joint gender selection. They are not expensive and come in variety of shapes, so you can enjoy your bong without any worries.


Cannabinoids inhaled via lungs, carry components that reach the brain directly being metabolized by the liver – this process makes inhalation the best, easiest and quickest way to take cannabinoids. The article above demonstrates the most efficient bongs for smoking cannabinoids and provides comparative analysis to point out the best bong.
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