Top Cheap Best Weed Vaporizers 2019

All the boys and girls, who enjoy smoking weed will definitely be glad to discover this article, because here you can find the best dry herb and weed vaporizers comparison, as well as suggestions and considerations you should take into account before making a final decision about the best portable vaporizer for weed.
First and foremost, the main factors that you should consider are:
  • Quality of vapour;
  • Safety;
  • Ease of utilization.

Best Weed Vaporizer 2019 Comparison Table

Choosing from the wide array of Vaporizer can be tedious. We have decided to make it easier for you. You can find the key differences of Best Best Weed Vaporizer (Best Dry Herb) 2019 in this table:

Best Weed Vaporizer

VaporizersProduct DescriptionSize (length x width x height)Vaporizer WeightConclusion
  • Patented combination of full hot air convection and conduction
  • 1.5–2 hours of battery
  • Precise temperature control
  • Dual lithium-ion battery
  • High-efficiency heat exchanger
  • Automatic switch-off
  • 60-second warm-up
  • Large LED display
  • Vibration notification
8 x 3 x 14 cm230 gConsistency and Power
Arizer Argo
  • Small, lightweight and portable 
  • As powerful as larger vaporizers 
  • Heats up in under a minute 
  • Dense, full-flavoured vapour 
  • Interchangeable battery with pass-through USB charging 
  • Quality materials and isolated air path for increased safety 
  • Digital display and three-button control 
  • Pre-loadable stems 
  • Push top for glass stem protection 
  • Very low-maintenance 
5,2 x 2,4 x 9,3 cm97 gBest Pocket Vaporizer
Pax 3 Portable
  • Elegant design, sophisticated yet discrete and robust
  • Built using medical grade materials to ensure quality of performance and a long service life
  • Extra-long vapour path cools vapour before it reaches the user’s mouth
  • Quick 15-second heat-up
  • Really easy to load
  • Choice of 2 mouthpieces
  • Choice of 3 oven chambers, including concentrate insert and half pack lid
  • Haptic feedback (vibration)
  • Excellent battery life and USB charging
  • Easy to operate either without or through a smartphone
  • Works with most existing PAX 2 accessories
2,1 x 1,9 x 9,8 cm142 gBusy Professionals’ Choice
Autloops Relova
  • Elegant design, sophisticated yet discrete and robust
  • Built using medical grade materials to ensure quality of performance and a long service life
  • Extra-long vapour path cools vapour before it reaches the user’s mouth
  • Quick 15-second heat-up
2,4 x 1,29 x 2.2 cm118 gHigh-Tech Vaporizer that looks like a Tobacco Pipe
Pax 2
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty
  • PAX 2 Device
  • Charger
  • Maintenance Kit
  • 2 Mouthpieces
3.87 x 1.21 x 0.8 cm136 gBest for Instagram Frequent Users
FlowerMate UNO
  • Full temperature control
  • Power saving mode
  • Automatic shut-off timer
  • Water pipe adapter
  • Multipurpose (concentrates, herbs and oils)
  • Lightweight design
  • Removable hard pack 1800 mAh battery
13.6 x 6.7 x 3.5 cm561 gHealth-Conscious Cannabis Users’ Best Choice
Cheech & Chong’s The Ripper Ceramic
  • Compatible with waxy oils and concentrates
  • Portable, stylish design
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Deep ceramic chamber
  • Comes boxed with accessories
  • Available in black and white
Height 11.5 cm200 gSimply The Best Ceramic Vape Pen
FlowerMate V5 Nano
  • Palm-sized with a discreet design
  • Suitable for use with dry herbs and oils
  • Combined convection and conduction heating
  • Powerful 2500 mAh battery
  • Low draw resistance and flavourful vapour
  • OLED screen and haptic feedback make adjusting easy
2,5 x 5 x 9,5 cm142 gSuitable for Bud and Concentrates
Flash 2-in-1 Herb
  • FAST HEATING:0 to 446F only 20s
  • Low temperature on surface while working
  • Rubber paint and Ceramic inner heating system:Easy to clean
  • Replaceable ceramic chamber
  • Adjust the temperature freely
2.8 x 33.5 x 10.3 cm280 gBest Vape Pen at Affordable Price
Penguin Portable Dry Herb
  • The super hot product on Amazon
  • Portable vaporizer ,dry herb pen kit
  • Five levels of the adjustable temperature setting
  • Coming with some handy little tool for cleaning
  • What You Get: Vaporizer, USB Cable, Tweezers, Cleaning Brush
10 x 2.2 x 9,5 cm80 gBest Budget Savior
White Rhino Disposable Dube Pen
  • Disposable vaporizer
  • Discreet and portable design
  • Designed for use with oils, liquids and juices
  • 1.0 ml capacity tank size
  • Decorated with White Rhino Dube lettering and logo
Height: 13.5 cm28 gBest Weed Vaporizer for a Traveller
Arizer Solo
  • High power/high performance
  • Reliable all day vaping/up to 20 uses per charge
  • Heats up three times faster compared to Solo 1
  • Heavy-duty vaping
  • Improved airflow
  • Hard-hitting/produces thick clouds
  • High-quality medical-grade components
  • All-glass (borosilicate) vapour path for delivering pure, tasty vapour
  • Requires little maintenance/easy to clean
3.5 x 4.5 x 11.4 cm210 gBest Value for Money
DaVinci IQ
  • Small, light and comfortable to hold
  • Very simple to load and heats up quickly
  • 51-LED screen is both practical and attractive
  • Anodized aluminium body for both strong protection and an attractive appearance
  • Ceramic zirconia vapour path and mouthpiece for outstanding purity of flavour
  • 360° conduction heating
  • Powerful battery can be both swapped and recharged (via USB)
  • Haptic feedback (vibration)
  • Bluetooth-enabled (can be controlled via Apple and Android smartphones)
  • Pre-set smart paths, plus Precision mode and Boost mode
4,2 x 2,4 x 9,0 cm145 gBest-Tasting Conduction Vaporizer
Generally, portable vaporizers for weed are powered by battery, don’t have any cords, which can be used to vape marijuana, hashish and other types of dry herbs. The best portable vaporizers for weed are very suitable to vape outdoors or vape on the go.

Besides the main advantage of being able to use portable dry weed vaporizers anywhere and anytime, there are more advantages that you should know of:

  • Compact size;
  • Discreetness;
  • Allows you to be stealthy and quick.
Of course, the downside of portable vaporizers for smoking weed is that their desktop versions are definitely more powerful. However, with current technology advancements and continuously developing market, the there are some portable weed vaporizers that can have performance par with the best desktop versions of vaporizers.

In order to discover and understand the rest of the important factors, check out the article below and get equipped with all the knowledge for selecting your best vaporizer for weed.

Weed Vaporizer Review


Consistency and Power
mighty vaporizer

This best portable weed vaporizer can definitely beat an average desktop vaporizer for weed in terms of:


  • Large, impressive clouds;
  • Flavour cleanliness
Select Vaporizer Pros and Cons

  • Creates dense clouds that hit hard
  • Dry weed vaporizer that has most consistency
  • Equipped with official medical certifications
  • Easy in use

  • Bulky, large size
  • High price
  • A lot of plastic details that make it look cheap
MIGHTY is a reliable weed vaporizer that provides and an improved long-term performance and produces a dense and huge clouds that will satisfy the most demanding person.
It can generally be suitable for:

  • Users of marijuana for medical purposes;
  • Users, who like to vape;
  • Ex-smokers;
  • Users with high tolerance;
  • Users who need a simple and reliable vaping.

MIGHTY is well-known for its high consistency – all you need to do is just to put the herb, switch on the dry weed vaporizer and enjoy – this portable weed vaporizer will create the thick clouds and ensure you enjoy your vaping session.

Of course, the best advantage is the availability of an official medical license, which makes it readily available for medical marijuana users.

In addition, MIGHTY has the following advantages:

  • Simplest in use weed vaporizer;
  • Generating big clouds won’t cause you a lot of effort;
  • Minimum maintenance;
  • Simple cleaning process
However, like any other weed vaporizer, MIGHTY has got downsides as well: size and price. For a portable weed vaporizer, it is just too big and cannot fit in the pocket easily. Moreover, it is quite costly, so make a deep research before making a final decision on purchase. Finally, for that high price, the plastic parts create that “cheap” feeling, which doesn’t jibe with the price tag.
Mighty Vaporizer Review
Video About Mighty Vaporizer Review

2.Arizer Argo

The Best Pocket Vaporizer
Arizer ArGo

Arizer ArGo is a mid-price-range vaporizer for smoking weed that can easily be utilized like the best pocket weed vaporizer.
Select Vaporizer Pros and Cons

  • Compact vaporizer that actually fits in pocket
  • High quality of vapour clouds
  • Simple in maintenance
  • Reduced draw resistance
  • Batteries can be replaced

  • Less powerful comparing to peers
  • Longer time to heat up
Most of Arizer portable models are well-known for air-paths finished with glass, regardless of difficulties that arise when it comes to complete a small-size vaporizer with glass air-paths. The model is also equipped with a glass stem, which can be fully shoved inside the unit, which saves the space when you do not use the weed vaporizer.

However, a small size has got several downsides alongside with advantages. Compared to its previous model, Arizer ArGo generates clouds that are less powerful. But, at the same time, the quality of those clouds, if compared with other pocket vaporizers, is way better.

Another disadvantage of the small size of Arizer ArGo is a short battery life. However, for a pocket weed vaporizer, the battery life is quite good – approximately 80 minutes. Likewise, everything is understood in comparison.

Finally, the main disadvantage of Arizer ArGo is a longer time to heat-up, i.e. approximately 1 minute. However, that is something you can get used to after a long utilization of this powerful and probably the best weed vaporizer.

3. Pax 3 Portable Vaporizer

Busy Professionals’ Choice
Pax 3 Portable Vaporizer

Pax 3 Portable Vaporizer is fit-for-purpose model for those, who like switching from traditional flowers to cannabis concentrates without changing their best weed vaporizer. Those who enjoy all the techy stuff and latest editions, will surely enjoy the ability to sync the weed vaporizer with mobile app to assist in temperature control.

The app comes with a “stealth mode”, which is supposed to minimize odour via cooling down the device fast every time after you inhale.

Select Vaporizer Pros and Cons

  • Compact, sleek design, discretion
  • Suitable for concentrates and flower
  • 10-years warranty

  • High Price
  • Dependency of smoking pot on mobile app
  • Requires –concentrate-friendly insert, which should be purchased separately
The Pax 3 is the best portable weed vaporizer for busy professional, who like to microdose weed during work time. Microdosing refers to consumption of small amounts of weed or concentrate substances. It became famous very quickly among office workers, who have claimed to experience an increase in creativity related to their daily tasks. The design of this portable weed vaporizer is such that it may look like a pen or a pen-drive, so your co-workers won’t notice anything suspicious.

On the downside, it is worth pointing out that for a small design you will need to pay quite an amount. Hence, if you have budget constraints, better search for an alternative option of best weed vaporizer. Moreover, even though the developers claim that Pax 3 suitable both for dry weed and concentrates, but you still need to purchase a separate insert that will allow you to vape concentrates. So, do not attempt to vape concentrates without that special small tool. In addition, the application requires modifications to ensure smooth utilization of Pax 3 without dependency on screen time.

4.Pax 2 Vaporizer

Best for Instagram Frequent Users
Pax 2 Vaporizer

It is definitely easy to notice Pax 2, thanks to its stylish colours. The impressive design of the best weed vaporizer is accompanied by a powerful, durable, handheld vaporizer pen. Hence it will be a perfect “accessory” for those, who like posting photogenic pictures in social media, like Instagram etc., because pictures with cannabis are currently in trend. So, if you want to have more followers, likes and good comments on Instagram, go for Pax 2, because it will provide you with a glamorous look, you’ve been looking for.
Select Vaporizer Pros and Cons

  • Great choice for dry herbs
  • Stylish look with matte finishing
  • 10-years warranty
  • Compact and sleek design
  • Easy in loading

  • High Price
  • Not suitable for concentrates
  • Unnecessary “Simon” game for so called “parties”
Besides the exclusive stylish look, this portable weed vaporizer also very popular for its reliability and compact dimensions that make it simple to store and transport. In comparison to majority of vape pens, Pax 2 is suitable with dry flowers, so feel free to select your most favourite weed. Besides that, Pax 2 is a smart weed vaporizer – it is able to detect motion and will automatically switch to standby mode, whenever you don’t use it. This is a very good option, because it saves a lot of battery life, which is an important factor, when it comes to portable vaporizers. Four temperature settings, extended battery life, user-friendly, sleek design – all those factors make Pax 2 very suitable for a large group of users.

Of course, nothing comes for free, and it means that you will need to prepare quite an amount if you are willing to own this stylish weed vaporizer. It can be considered as a downside for some people, mostly considering the small size of it. In addition, you won’t be able to vape concentrates with this weed vaporizer. Hence, if you are a fan of concentrates, better look for another option of best weed vaporizer.

5.Autloops Relova Vaporizer

Best for Instagram Frequent Users
Autloops Relova Vaporizer

If you are a fan of old-school stuff, Autloops Relova Vaporizer is just the right choice for you. However, only the look is old-school, while inside this best portable weed vaporizer is equipped with high-tech stuff. The shape of a tobacco pipe may be appealing for those, who like to look original. The tobacco bowl actually is a chamber to put dried herbs. Its size is quite big and allows you to have 8-10 hits.
Select Vaporizer Pros and Cons

  • Impressive design of an old-looking tobacco pipe
  • Affordable Price
  • FOC shipment via Amazon Prime
  • Stylish wood finishing

  • Short life of battery
  • No available warranty
  • Plastic mouthpiece that keeps falling out
People, who follow trends and prefer stylish look, should definitely consider Autloops Relova Vaporizer, because it has one of the most exclusive designs that you can only find among portable vaporizers. Tobacco-shape will definitely attract the attention of majority of weed fans. The old-looking design is actually equipped with a digital LED temperature display, which allows you to set the temperature for optimal and most pleasant vaping experience.

There are some complaints regarding a short life of battery. Hence, unless you have power bank or any other means of charging, better look for another option of best weed vaporizers, if you want to enjoy a longer vape. Besides that, other negative feedbacks are regarding mouthpiece that is fixed properly inside the pipe and keeps falling out. Hence, all on-the-go smokers won’t find this model suitable for them. Among other feedbacks, there are suggestions to make mouthpiece longer, since it is exposed to heating up.

6.FlowerMate UNO Vaporizer

Health-Conscious Cannabis Users’ Best Choice
FlowerMate UNO Vaporizer

The FlowerMate UNO Vaporizer is a unique portable weed vaporizer that comes with a bong adapter that works with all the standard sizes of joints. Likewise, instead putting cannabis in a bowl, you can use this best weed vaporizer by attaching it to the bong itself.
Select Vaporizer Pros and Cons

  • Suitable for herbs and concentrates
  • Fast heating up time – 30 seconds
  • Vibrates once ready for use
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Portable

  • Bigger comparing to other portable models
  • High Price
  • Battery is charged via dock or USB cable
The Flowermate UNO Vaporizer has an advantage comparing to other weed vaporizers thanks to adjustable temperature control with OLED digital display. Another advantage on the upside is the durability of the battery that provides you with a longer vaping experience. In addition, you can order an additional battery and in case if your battery dies, just simply replace it with another fully-charged battery. Besides that, the vaporizer is equipped with a function to notify its user when it is ready by vibrating. This is a very useful feature, mostly if you do not want to remain discreet and not get caught in public. The heating time won’t keep you waiting for long, because it is only 30 seconds, means you can enjoy vape without delay.

On the downside, it is worth noticing a bigger size than other peers, making it not the best option if you want to fit it inside your pocket. In addition, such a variety of convenient features and advanced design cannot simply go at a lower price. Hence, if you want to enjoy the comfort that FlowerMate UNO Vaporizer provides, you will need to prepare quite an amount (since it’s one of the best weed vaporizers), which can be sort of unacceptable for some users. The necessity to charge this type of weed vaporizer via dock or USB cable can be a bit challenging, since it requires a lot of hardware that you still need to take care of and depend on.

7.Cheech & Chong’s The Ripper Ceramic Vaporizer

Simply The Best Ceramic Vape Pen
Cheech & Chong’s The Ripper Ceramic Vaporizer

Cheech & Chong’s The Ripper Ceramic Vaporizer is truly great and one of the best weed vaporizer for all, thanks to its features and a full-ceramic coil-less atomizer that generates equal heat distribution to vaporize both oils and concentrates. Cheech and Chong The Ripper Ceramic Vaporizer is designed for those who are eager to get high on the go.
Select Vaporizer Pros and Cons

  • Ceramic coil-less atomizers provide better flavor comparing to traditional elements of atomizer
  • Has locking feature: click 5 times to lock, which ensures it remains switched off while not in use
  • Large bowl for packing a lot of concentrate at once (You won’t need to reload as often)
  • Compatibility with concentrates and waxy oils
  • Quick heat-up time with 15-second hits
  • Nice design and eye-catching colour versions

  • Not suitable for flowers
  • No option to change temperature
  • Large wax loads can get messy and travel into mouthpiece (like most vape pens, if you overfill them)
  • Not as small or lightweight as some vape pens
This weed vaporizer is equipped with a bigger bowl chamber comparing to other vape pens, which allows you to use it with concentrates or wax. Bigger volume means longer vaping without reloading the weed vaporizer. Quick heat-up time allows you to enjoy your vape without waiting for too long, while variety of design colours makes it easier for you to find the one that is right for you. Ease of locking the vaporizer just by clicking ensures that your vaporizer won’t remain switched on, while not in use.

This type of vaporizer is not suitable for flowers, hence you may want to find another best weed vaporizer model, if you like flowers. Inability to adjust temperature makes it hard to ensure you truly enjoy your vaping. In addition, if you plan to vape large wax amounts.

8.FlowerMate V5 Nano Vaporizer

Suitable for Bud and Concentrates
FlowerMate V5 Nano Vaporizer

The FlowerMate V5 Nano Vaporizer is a universal portable vaporizer that wins over its peers due to ability to work well with traditional dried bud and cannabis concentrates as well. Based on its name, you can be sure that with FlowerMate you can enjoy vaping flower, because it’s one of the best weed vaporizers for bud and concentrates.
Select Vaporizer Pros and Cons

  • Most suitable for vaporizing dried herbs
  • Big ceramic oven chamber that heats uniformly
  • Capsules for flowers and concentrates
  • Digital display for temperature adjustment
  • Quick battery charging
  • Lithium battery with long life
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Easy to clean
  • Maintenance kit included
  • One Year Warranty

  • More bulky than other portable models
  • High Price
  • Requires changing capsules when you need to smoke concentrates
  • Battery is charged via dock or USB cable
One of the best features of FlowerMate V5 Nano Vaporizer is the ceramic chamber that heats uniformly, so there is no need for stirring. The tight lid ensures there is no vapour leakage.

With help of digital temperature display you can adjust the temperature to a desired level. The long life of battery will provide you with ability to enough weed until next recharging. Moreover, in even if you battery dies while you are on-the-go, you still can replace it with another fully-charged battery. Battery recharging can be done with help of rapid-charge cable.

For smoking concentrates, just change to chamber with a concentrate-friendly capsule. Magnetic loading cap will assist to refill vaporizer chamber without risk of spilling. 1-year manufacturer warranty provides confidence in product quality.

However, same as any other best weed vaporizers, FlowerMate V5 Nano Vaporizer comes with a bulkier size, which may create challenges for those, who want to transport it inside the pocket. Besides that, high price of this weed vaporizer may be another challenge, mostly if you are looking for a budget version. Changing capsules just to smoke concentrates may troublesome, mostly if you accidentally forgot the capsule. Some people find it challenging to charge the battery via dock or USB cable, as it’s an additional hardware that is subject to breaking that you need to carry everywhere around with you.

9.Flash 2-in-1 Herb Pen

Best Vape Pen at Affordable Price
Flash 2-in-1 Herb Pen

If you are looking for the best weed vaporizer with pen design at affordable price, then Flash 2-in-1 Herb Pen is the one for you, because it deals perfectly both with dry flower and concentrates as well.
Select Vaporizer Pros and Cons

  • Affordable price comparing to peers
  • Suitable for flower and concentrates
  • Wide variety of colours
  • Quartz chamber
  • Adjustable Heat Setting via LED display

  • Short life of battery
  • Possibility to overheat the weed
  • Questionable durability
This model of portable weed vaporizer comes with chamber made of quartz, which is known to be the best material in terms of provide uniform heating to cannabis. A handy grinder card allows you to grind up cannabis before vaping. Besides that, there are several colour options for you to choose.

Those, who have budget constraints will definitely find Flash 2-in-1 Herb Pen as a suitable option, because it has the most affordable price among similar pen vaporizers. Besides that, you are provided with flexibility to enjoy both flower and concentrates, depending on your preferences or mood. Those, who prefer diversity, will definitely like to wide variety of colour selections. Feel free to adjust your heat with help of a comfortable LED display.

However, Flash 2-in-1 Herb Pen has got issues with battery life, which means that you will need to always have a power source somewhere nearby, if you plan to enjoy a longer vaping. Battery issue is quite common for portable vaporizer that come at a cheaper price. Generally, you should be prepared for less durability and all the problems mentioned above, since this model belongs to an affordable group, so it should not be a surprise to you. A lot of people accept all the cons, knowing that they don’t spend much money for it. Hence, it all depends on you, but Flash 2-in-1 Herb Pen is one of the best weed vaporizers in a pen form at affordable price.

10.Penguin Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer

Best Budget Savior
Penguin Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer

The thing that makes Penguin Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer the best weed vaporizer, is its affordability, because you won’t find a better option, if you want to vape weed, but have budget constraints.
Select Vaporizer Pros and Cons

  • Affordable price
  • Original, sleek, compact design (penguin shape)
  • Temperature control option
  • Locking feature to avoid accidental switching on
  • Auto shut-off feature 30 seconds after heating
  • One-year warranty

  • Reportedly insufficient battery life
  • Possibility to stop working after continuous use
  • Possibility of defective units
You will be surprised to discover that Penguin Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer costs only $50, while majority of hand-held units for vaping dry herbs cost up to $100. And don’t forget about free shipping from Amazon Prime, which makes it simply the best for the budgeted weed vaporizers.

In addition, don’t forget that Penguin has got a one-year warranty, hence you can easily ask for a replacement if something goes wrong with your current one. Sleek design and a penguin shape make this portable weed vaporizer very attractive comparing to other peer models.

There is a comfortable temperature control that has a “memory function”, which will automatically heat up your weed vaporizer to the most recently selected temperature.

However, since you are going for a cheaper model, do not get surprised if it ends up lasting for a short time only. Afterall, you didn’t spend a fortune on it. Same as majority of cheaper vaporizers, Penguin may end up suffering from battery-related issues and may stop being able to charge at all at some point. Do not expect to stuff in a lot of weed in its chamber, since it is quite small. So, do not be too demanding to this model, because after all it is the best weed vaporizer for those, who have budget limitations.

11.White Rhino Disposable Dube Pen

Best Weed Vaporizer for a Traveller
White Rhino Disposable Dube Pen

For those who are frequently traveling and want to enjoy weed on the go, White Rhino Disposable Dube Pen can be one of the best weed vaporizers, because those lightweight pens are very handy. Hence, if you’re traveling through a location, which prohibits weed, you can take White Rhino Pen and dispose it after use.
Select Vaporizer Pros and Cons

  • The lightest weight pen vaporizer in the market
  • No need to charge the battery
  • Affordable price
  • No need to clean – simply toss the vaporizer
  • Straightforward and simple in use

  • Filling up may be difficult and messy
  • No information whether battery can be recycled
  • Suitable for a niche customer only
  • Cartridges need to be refilled by yourself
White Rhino Pen is a universal portable weed vaporizer that winds over its peers, thanks to its affordable price and disposable feature. You can hardly find another brand that allows you to dispose or recycle the vaporizer right after use.

People, who easily get paranoid, will find White Rhino Pen as a best option, because you don’t need to keep the weed vaporizer with you – simply “dispose” it after use. This straightforward weed vaporizer is simple in use and doesn’t require you to read all its instructions for a long time.

However, if you are a traveller, you need to plan everything ahead and fill the cartridges yourself once they finish, which sometimes can get messy. In addition, you won’t be able to recharge the battery, only throw it away once it’s finished.

Environmentalists will surely have questions to the manufacturing company, because until now it is still unclear whether this best weed vaporizer is recyclable. Hence, additional information should be available, if you are considerate towards the environment.

12.Arizer Solo II

The Best Value for Money
Arizer Solo II

If you ask the vaporizer users about the best weed vaporizer that provides value for money, they will name Arizer Solo II. This company is providing its high-quality products to the market for a long time and has already managed to earn a good reputation.
Select Vaporizer Pros and Cons

  • True value for money
  • High reliability
  • Impressive vapour quality
  • Long-lasting battery

  • Heavy weight
  • Bulky shape
  • Air path is not separate from electronics
Arizer Solo II is simply the most reliable portable weed vaporizer on today’s market. Use it carefully and it will last you minimum 5 years. You can hardly find a portable vaporizer in today’s market that can promise the same.

Its vapor quality can easily compete with more expensive models from other manufacturers. Large, powerful clouds, which taste vary clean is the trademark of Arizer Solo II. No flavour deterioration, only tasty clouds with Arizer Solo II. Quick heat-up time and long battery life will provide you with truly unforgettable vaping experience. Besides that, you can set the temperature adjust your vapor effects.

The heavy weight and bulky shape may create some discomfort for those, who plan to carry it around inside the pocket. Hence, you may consider a more spacious location for this model of weed vaporizer. Besides that, the air path is not separated from the electronic section, which creates some hazard in a long run, but as long as you use this vaporizer carefully and don’t go hardcore style, it will serve its purpose without any major problems. Of course, it is not perfect, but you won’t notice its imperfections, because of the high-quality vaping experience this best weed vaporizer will provide.

13.DaVinci IQ

The Best-Tasting Conduction Vaporizer
DaVinci IQ Vaporizer

The DaVinci IQ is one of the most compact and best weed vaporizers in this list. It’s a bit more compact comparing to Arizer ArGo and that is very suitable for those, who don’t like carrying big bags around.
Select Vaporizer Pros and Cons

  • Small and compact size
  • Literally fits inside the pocket
  • High-quality vapour
  • Fits well in hand
  • Batteries can be replaced

  • Heats up a lot at high temperature settings
  • Slowed charging time
The compactness of DaVinci IQ weed vaporizer is one of its best features, because you literally can hide it inside your hand. In fact, such compactness can generate very impressive clouds and maintain good flavour for a prolonged period of time. Its reliable material and replaceable batteries will definitely satisfy the most demanding user.

Based on a number of reviews, DaVinci IQ has the best-tasting conduction vape. Its vape quality is only slightly worse than convection and hybrid weed vaporizers generate. It is called DaVinci for a reason – it has the most beautiful design, ergonomic shape with aluminum shell and can fit in palm of your hand.

Minor disadvantages include a slower charging of battery, which you can adjust to. Just leave the vaporizer to charge overnight. In addition, its materials tend to make it become very hot at higher temperature settings, so be careful with it. All that can be accepted and neglected, knowing that you are the owner of the best weed vaporizer.

Video about DaVinci IQ Vaporizer
DaVinci IQ Vaporizer Review & User Guide

Buyer’s Guide and FAQ

CBD stands for “cannabinoid” and produces a sedative pleasant effect. By nature, CBD isn’t psychoactive. Don’t confuse CBD with other types of chemical compounds, which make people “get high”. CBD provides anticonvulsant as well as antipsychotic effects. Another positive effect is ease of muscle pain, nausea and anxiety.

Facts you should know about CBD e-liquid

CBD e-liquids contain hemp oil or alternatively CBD isolate. CBD e-liquids are applied in vaporizers that are powered by battery.
The following are advantages of CBD e-liquid:

  • Help nicotine smokers to quit smoking
  • Highly efficient and delivers CBD in a faster manner
  • Provides relaxing effect on the mind and body
  • Widely used by for hemp fans

Major differences between smoking weed and vaping

Major differences between smoking weed and vaping
Vaping represents a process of heating up the extracts or plants without actually burning or destroying them. The absence of smoke during the process of vaping makes it one of the best solutions for cannabis users.
The major and most important difference between smoking and vaping – the absence of fire. Smoking marijuana heats the plant up to 1100 °C, which is harmful for human body, comparing to 140 °C – 230 °C generated by vaping.

Reasons why you should consider portable weed vaporizers

Reasons why you should consider portable weed vaporizers
All the fans of cannabinoids around the globe are continuously looking for new ways of enjoying their favourite weed. Portable weed vaporizers are fit-for-purpose in this situation, because they provide:

  • Portability – ability to bring vaporizer anywhere with you and smoke on-the-go outside of your house premises;
  • Dosage – flexibility to adjust the dosage to smaller volumes for beginners and increase it depending on your preferences;
  • Simplicity in use – all you need to do is fill the chamber with cannabinoids, to switch on the portable weed vaporizer and start enjoying your favourite weed. No specific skills are required.


Q: Why certain vaporizers cost so much?

A: One of the main reasons behind an increased price of vaporizer may be the selection of materials, i.e. borosilicate glass, heat resistant plastics, special metal alloys. Various heating element types, digital temperature screens and other add-ons may be very useful for you, but at the same time result in price increase. Hence, make sure you have completed a complete research to select just the right vaporizer that is fit-for-purpose and also value-for-money.

Q: Is it hard to use a vaporizer?

A: Generally, it is not really hard to use a vaporizer, however it may depend on vaporizer type. Certain models require manual refilling and/or emptying the chamber or cleaning the vaporize, and that may create so difficulties. Hence, always keep in mind that the heating element and the filling chamber can become very hot and cause you burns, if you are not careful in handling them.

Q: Why certain vaporizers cost so much?

A: One of the main reasons behind an increased price of vaporizer may be the selection of materials, i.e. borosilicate glass, heat resistant plastics, special metal alloys. Various heating element types, digital temperature screens and other add-ons may be very useful for you, but at the same time result in price increase. Hence, make sure you have completed a complete research to select just the right vaporizer that is fit-for-purpose and also value-for-money.

Q: Is it illegal to possess a vaporizer?

A: Majority of countries don’t have any legal restrictions to possess a vaporizer, as long as it is used to vaporize tobacco only and other aromatherapeutic herbs (e.g. chamomile). However, police officers may still check you and your vaporizer, if they suspect that you are using it for vaping illegal substances, i.e. marijuana etc. Hence, if you are going to vape marijuana, make sure you are in a safe place.

Q: Where is it possible to buy a vaporizer?

A: Vaporizers nowadays are readily available and can be purchased in local head shops or smart shops, as well as online. Online purchase allows you to check out various vendors from Europe and the United States and select the most suitable vaporizer for you.


Nowadays, the vaping culture is continuously progressing and gaining fame both in real life and on the internet. Likewise, the main aim of this article is to familiarize you with best weed vaporizers as well as provide pros-cons comparison to ensure the best choice for you.
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