Given the fact that the trend of using CBD oil is gaining momentum worldwide day-in and day-out, some cannabidiol users begin to have the following question “how long does CBD stay in your system?”

What I am going to tell you now may sound insane, but given the fact that CBD does not cause any high whatsoever (moreover, according to the World Health Organization, CBD is quite a secure and well-tolerable matter with no adverse health effects at all), but believe it or not, some investigators have examined positive for THC metabolites after taking nothing but full-spectrum and non-psychoactive CBD oils.

Also, the vast majority of them have subsequently felt the consequences in terms of a lost job, a parole violation, and so forth.

To be frank, all full-spectrum CBD oils on that are currently available on the market comprise trace amounts of THC.

Further to this, the governmental legal THC frontier for industrial hemp (which essentially most legal CBD oils are made from) is three-tenths percent; however, even at these levels, it is very likely one can fail a drug test.

Here is a hint for you—all quality CBD oil sellers ought to disclaim this information on their website.

CBD Essence

However, you should realize that there is a difference of significance between full-spectrum CBD and CBD isolate, which one hundred percent THC-free.

In any respect, in case if an individual has gotten an upcoming drug test (or maybe he is just entirely curious), it may be helpful to know just for how long CBD stays in one’s system.

Luckily for you, my dear reader, in this particular article, I got right down to it and tried to give you a comprehensive answer to this question for you.

Nonetheless, be advised that there is an insufficient amount of reliable data on this particular matter, so even though I have thoroughly researched this matter, I am still doing my absolute best to make sense of this all.

Marijuana Drug Tests Screen vs. CBD

Marijuana Drug Tests Screen vs. CBD
At first, it is empirical to figure out whether marijuana drug tests perform screenings for CBD.

In all honesty, the vast majority of drug screenings that test for the use of cannabis do not look for the appearance of CBD or any of its metabolites.

Instead, what most employers are looking for is the presence of THC, which is the psychoactive compound of cannabis in an individual’s blood, urine, spit, or hair.

Though, as I have already mentioned before, there were many individuals in the past who have examined positive for the presence of THC metabolites, even though they were taking nothing but CBD oil (and in some instances, people have failed those drug tests even after abstaining from CBD oil for weeks).

From here, if you are aware of the fact that you have gotten an expected marijuana drug test and you know that in this test you will be scanned for the presence of cannabinoids, it may be imperative for you to comprehend just for how long CBD stays in your system.

This information is also going to be very useful for you even in the event if you have been taking one hundred percent legal, hemp-based CBD oil.

What is more, as a side note, in the event if you are uncertain what exactly your expected drug test will be scanning for, I heard that you are within your rights to anonymously call either the company or the drug test institution (or both) and ask them about it.

How Long Does CBD Stay in Your System—Not That Long

How Long Does CBD Stay in Your System
In essence, it appears that the length of time CBD stays in an individual’s system inclines more towards the past rather than the recent.

To put it another way, more towards the four-day mark rather than the twenty-five-day mark.

There was one study conducted on this matter in the year 1991 (the study was published in the journal Pharmacology, Biochemistry, and Behavior), over the course the investigators observed CBD blood plasma levels among fourteen Huntington’s Disease patients that were given seven hundred milligrams dosages of CBD per day for a total period of six weeks.

As a result, after the six-week session was over, blood plasma CBD levels averaged at just one and a half nanograms per milliliter among the fourteen test subjects in the week immediately following administration of the compound.

As it turned out, after this very first week, the CBD levels were practically undetectable.

Basically, the study concluded the “elimination half-life” for CBD to be between two and five days, with no visible distinguishment between the two genders.

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How Long Does CBD Stay in Your System—Conclusion

How Long Does CBD Stay in Your System—Conclusion

Once again, in the event, if you are concerned about failing a drug test after taking full-spectrum CBD oil for a consistent period, then it is the trace THC metabolites that you most likely have to be worried about.

Nevertheless, there have been some studies that determined that even pure CBD is capable of being broken down into THC in the stomach; however, this is risky in terms of the effects it might have on a drug test.

On the whole, in case if you are concerned about an upcoming drug test, there are specific measures you can take in order to help increase your risk of passing (even if you lit a joint or took CBD as early as the day before the actual test).

Moreover, if you did find this very article with the hopes of learning about how long does CBD stay in your system, then hopefully I was able to provide you with some good insight and valuable information in this regard.

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