This time we are going to cover the strain that will send your consciousness straight to outer space, right where Lucas’ universe is.

The strain I am talking about is titled skywalker strain.

This Skywalker strain is bound to bring you the feeling of being both relaxed and euphoric, thereby making you investigate the realm of meditation and deep thought.

What is quite remarkable about this strain is that the experience itself is usually followed by a fog that slowly creeps over, thereby leaving your mind, body, and soul delightful with the high you receive.

What distinguishes this Skywalker strain from other strains is that it is abundant in medicinal benefits that in their turn are capable of helping a wide variety of patients who medicate with cannabis.

Well, it kind of is starting to seem as this particular strain was brought down to our planet by the Jedis themselves.

It is worthy to note that the Skywalker strain is not a product for the beginners who are remarkably receptive to high levels of THC for it is abundant in crystalline THC.

Alternatively, those individuals who need assistance with getting better sleep, increase of their appetite, reducing pain, and calming themselves down both mentally or physically might find this Skywalker strain in handy.

So, What Is the Essence of Skywalker Strain?

Basically, this strain can be categorized as an indica dominant hybrid strain.
CBD Essence
It consists of an eighty-five percent indica to fifteen percent sativa ratio.

Usually, the skywalker strain sells well on the market that is loaded with various products that contain indica elements in their fundamental structure.

Nevertheless, other phenotypes that are dominant in sativa are in a rotation.

Though, they are less commonly available to the public forasmuch as they generate a more significant upper effect, much more in the realm of your other classic sativa dominant OG strains.

As controversial as it might sound, skywalker strain does not have a definite and known origin; however, there are some rumors spread claiming that someone in California most likely bred this herb one beautiful day, let alone this plant is majorly in use in this state to this day.

As I have already stated, skywalker strain has a strong THC content, which is proven by the test data revealing numbers in the eighteen to thirty percent range, thereby making it one of the most potent strains on the market so far.

How Does It Taste and What Does It Look Like?

The odor of skywalker strain can be described as the fuel-like, sharp, and earthy aromas that are similar to other OG strains.

However, it reasonably distinguishes and recognizes the scent that is attractive and nostalgic for most long-term cannabis consumers.

At first, the newcomers might be distracted by this smell, but once they have that very first hit, they will instantly understand from where all the hype is coming from.

The aftertaste one receives after using this good green stuff can be described as a spicy and herbal blend.

Speaking of the appearance of Skywalker OG weed, it is merely is elegant and magnificent — it has its traditional looking with flowers that are round and medium in consistency, with olive green leaves.

How to Grow?

Generally speaking, the skywalker strain thrives best in outdoors in dry and sunny environments.
Speaking of the difficulty of cultivating the skywalker strain, it would rather be a medium one, which in its turn makes it quite a logical choice for those who run a more “expert” level of marijuana growing.

Even though the skywalker strain is known to be very resistant to different diseases, bugs, mold, and pests — it usually requires perfect conditions in order to grow, flourish, and produce dank herb.

As I have previously mentioned before, growing the skywalker strain outdoors is usually more suitable for this strain than doing it indoors.

Speaking of the timeline, it averagely takes around nine to ten weeks for the flowering period to occur.

Hence, consider placing a harvest in the middle of Autumn.

In case if you cannot cultivate outdoors and grow indoors is your one and the only option, then you ought to adjust your environment in order to replicate dry and sunny weather with a medium to a large amount of space since these plants do not grow massive but their height is still decent-sized.

An individual who grows it outdoors typically produces around twenty-eight ounces of green per plant, where indoor growers end up with sixteen ounces of harvest per square meter.

In all, skywalker strain is not the most straightforward pick for cultivation; however, if you like a challenge that can result in some pretty potent cannabis, then cultivating this strain is something you should go for.

The Effects of Skywalker Strain

In essence, Skywalker OG weed is basically a sleep-inducing cannabis strain.

If one takes a hit regularly, then he might find himself crashing or passing out during the day, which is no good.

One should consider saving this strain for a rainy or snowy day being indoors when one does not have many errands to run.

Merely use it as a late-day/nighttime relaxant.

Skywalker strain is known to have a substantial effect on one’s body before it makes one’s mind feel high.

In the event, if one only decides to consume a small amount of this strain, then he is more likely to expect to have a light and clear-headedness.

However, as one increases the dosage, the brain fog and stoney nature are more likely to begin to creep in.

Assuredly, some individuals want to receive this brain-numbing effect, which makes Skywalker OG a well-equipped strain for a variety of desires depending on the dosage one takes.

All in all, this strain is chill and bliss-bringing, let alone it is known for offering a substantial dose of all-natural THC, which makes it a 420 favorite among marijuana consumers.

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Medical Benefits of Skywalker OG

In my opinion, the aspect of the medical benefits of skywalker strain is by far the most important matter that needs to be discussed.

Most patients are known to utilize Skywalker OG in order to treat insomnia, physical or chronic pain, migraines, lack of appetite, and various mental conditions.

When it comes to medical conditions, such as stress, anxiety, and depression the skywalker strain is especially revolutionary at relieving any worries, so that the patients who handle their depression, relieve stress and anxiety are more likely to find great relief after the consumption of the skywalker strain.

Yet, it is quite indispensable to watch the dosage one takes for the consumption of any marijuana strain in abundance for it can actually produce enhanced stress, anxiety or even lead to paranoia.

Now, there are some cases like chronic pain, migraine, insomnia or loss of appetite related that could benefit from a more massive dose of the skywalker strain.

The simplest way to reach a higher dose of this marijuana is to consume it in eatable form.

All of the methods I have just described above are packed with concentrated quantities of THC, thereby making you get what you paid for.

marijuana skywalker strain

Is There Any Side Effects?

If an individual is quite sensitive to high levels of THC, then he should restrain from consuming the skywalker strain.

The skywalker strain contains a THC content ranging in the eighteen to thirty percent bracket.
Hence, those who are prone to adverse effects from extra potent strains could find trouble from this marijuana type.

Also, there are some individuals who tried Skywalker OG and reported some paranoia and anxiety.

In essence, the best and safest way one can avoid an unfortunate experience with this type of cannabis is to merely start slow and build up as one begins to feel more and more comfortable.

In this case scenario, there is no room for a fatal mistake caused by one’s curiosity — try not to go all the way immediately — do not consume an entire edible with a simple desire “to just see what will happen.”

This type of marijuana is potent, and it does not full around. But you can read our new post about Sunset strain

From here, if you know that you are the kind of a sensitive to THC individual, then simply set a limit for yourself and add-on gradually if it is feeling right.

Speaking of some other minor side effects, such as dry mouth and dry eyes — these are also generally reported as the hostile reactions from the usage of Skywalker OG weed; however, these side effects are easily manageable with a little extra self-care.

Also, make sure that you drink a fair amount of water or other hydrating fluids before, during, and after your high.

Do not forget about the necessity of using moisturizing eye drops, which you can purchase at your local Walgreens store.

I genuinely hope that you found all the information I provided you with quite useful for yourself.

You should remember that the consumption of cannabis is the responsibility of an individual — and I truly hope that you are a responsible one.

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