What do you associate when you hear AK-47?
In the year 2019, this title ought to be associated with a marijuana strain, not a gas-operated assault rifle.
In essence, AK-47 marijuana strain is a four-layered landrace genetic revelation.
AK-47 marijuana strain is as quite a robust and frisky as a gunshot in potency; however, it does not determine how it makes you feel.
When one uses AK-47 marijuana strain, he is merely feeling how he is setting off his body in order to heal the latter one and provide it with one massive relief, instead of generating hyper or extreme effects.
Origin AK-47 marijuana strain was initially revealed in the Netherlands by Serious Seeds back in the year 1992.
This cannabis strain has become the embodiment of the unbelievable kinds of marihuana, which were pumped out during the ‘90s.
In a global perspective, this AK-47 marijuana strain has made some waves, which resulted in winning multiple awards (sixteen, to be exact), including Cannabis Cups forasmuch as this strain has a very potent THC content and out of this world flavor profile in it.
Generally speaking, AK-47 marijuana strain is a go-to cannabis type, which becomes the leading product in the medicine cabinets for both medical marijuana patients and acute stoners as well.
You can either believe it or doubt it, but it is a fact that AK-47 marijuana strain is one of the highest rated strains in the whole world.
Hence, if one desires to try a joy bringing “hybrid,” then he is more likely to give this particular strain a shot.

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AK-47 Marijuana Strain Explained

Overall, AK-47 marijuana strain is generally categorized as a sativa dominant hybrid; however, this strain brags about its wide range of effects and body/mind benefits that it provides its consumers with.
Basically, AK-47 is essentially a blend of the genetic breeding of four most famous and prevalent and potent marijuana strains: Colombian, Mexican, Afghani, and Thai.
Even though AK-47 marijuana strain is considered mostly sativa by the masses, this strain does have some indica thrown in for proper measures.
To be precise, its composition is sixty-five percent sativa and thirty-five percent indica.
The essential characteristics that deliver a quality high of this strain to its consumers are where AK truly stands out from all the other strains —
typically, the products that contain AK in their structure range at twenty percent THC throughout conducted lab tests, and CBD/CBN levels were shown to be around one and a half percent.
How Does It Tase, Feel, and Look?
Speaking of its scent, AK-47 marijuana strain is profoundly aromatic.
It has a smell that is not only quite distinguished but also appreciated by those who experienced it.
The “opening” scent that hits one’s nose can be identified as a sour one, and it is followed presently after with hints of floral and earthy fragrances.
Speaking of its flavor, AK-47 marijuana strain has a robust flavor, which hits the taste buds with its full force; however, it is pleasant and delicious at the same time — it offers an array of sweet, dessert-like sensations, which are followed by top notes of earth and floral.
Speaking of its appearance, AK-47 marijuana strain has a bright lime green color, which is blended with bright red-orange pistils (pistils are the tiny hairs that bend and curve in between the sugar leaves).
Also, the buds themselves usually appear in shimmering white color, which in its turn appears for the immense THC content in AK-47 marijuana strain.
This, in its turn, makes the strain thickly coat the smokeable leaves with flickering crystals, which also can be generally referred to as trichomes.
In all, the entire plant itself of is usually considerably tall, as well as extensive in width, thereby featuring visible and grand calyxes of extremely smokable, pungent bud.

How to Cultivate?

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Essentially, AK-47 marijuana strain is relatively easy to cultivate, especially for those with commercial growing knowledge and expertise.
Those individuals who are complete newcomers can endeavor to plant this strain; however, the process does not come without its difficulties and challenges.
Additionally, 47 is relatively vulnerable to decay, which is the main reason why the vast majority of experts advise growing this strain indoors, where the conditions can be easily observed and controlled.
Furthermore, having a decent ventilation system and humidity along with temperature control is indispensable when it comes to the healthy cultivation of this particular strain.
Now, if an individual is considering cultivating outdoors, then AK-47 marijuana strain can only grow and thrive in a sunny and warmish climate, where the levels of moisture are on the drier side.
Also, it is essential to keep this marijuana strain as far away from any disapproving neighbors as possible, forasmuch as the fragrance that this plant produces is both quite stinky and pretty sharp.
Speaking of the flowering period of AK-47 marijuana strain, it is rather short than a long one.
On average, the flowering period of AK takes between seven to nine weeks.
Now, for outdoor growers: the harvest time begins at the end of October, and yields can show to be excellent if the crops are raised healthy.

AK-47 marijuana strain

On the other hand, indoor harvest typically ranges at around fourteen ounces per square meter, while outdoor harvest is fourteen ounces per strain.
All in all, AK-47 marijuana strain is a worthwhile and wonderful addition to anyone’s cannabis garden, thereby making an individual end up with a differentiated product after harvest.

Is There Any Medical of This Strain?

Interestingly enough, the medical benefits of AK-47 marijuana strain are generally positive, forasmuch as this particular strain appears to offer much relief to a wide variety of consumers with a number of conditions and illnesses.
For instance, the individuals who suffer from mental difficulties, such as patients aching from various mood disorders, depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia and so forth, tend to discover that this strain can actually come in handy when it comes to treating these diseases.
Nevertheless, these individuals ought to use caution when consuming any strain of marijuana, as various mood disorders are capable of increasing the possibility of paranoia influenced by cannabis.
Further to this, anxiety or stress might occur.
The best way to avoid it all is to set some limits initially and then stick to those limits subsequently.
Also, it is perpetually wise to begin using the strain in small amounts and gradually build up as necessary.
Now, physical pain and various illnesses, such as chronic pain, nausea, fatigue, lack of appetite and headaches can likewise be relieved by AK.
The individuals who suffer from severe medical conditions, such as cancer, might benefit from the usage of AK-47 marijuana strain as this strain can promote lessening both the pain and nausea from chemotherapy and radiation treatments.
Altogether, this strain is capable of helping many of those who are in need to be helped.
What About Adverse Effects?
Unfortunately for those who are in love with AK-47 marijuana strain or are profoundly motivated to give it a shot, this potent cannabis strain offers a few adverse side effects, apart from those that are generally expected from most marijuana types.
Xerostomia (dry mouth) and dry eyes are the most commonly experienced adverse effects.
Both of these negative side effects can be easily treated with the help of little extra preparation and planning.
Dry mouth can be suppressed when one drinks plenty of hydrating liquids before, during, and after the high.
Also, acquiring a bottle of moisturizing eye drops beforehand is actually a good idea.
Fortunately enough, the most serious of the potential adverse effects from the cannabis is not typically experienced with this particular strain.
Hence, the consumers of this cannabis strain will not have to bother about becoming neurotic, disturbed or anxious.

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In case If one is dealing with depression, anxiety, stress, chronic pain, insomnia, nausea, headaches, fatigue, lack of appetite etcetera, then the alternative method of relief might be produced by the usage of AK-47 marijuana strain.
I genuinely believe that you have had a great experience reading this article and have found it to be not only enjoyable but also informative and enlightening as well.
However, it is critical to remember that the consumption of any type of cannabis is the individual responsibility of the consumer.

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