In case if you ever wanted to get married to a CBD strain (come on, do not knock it until you have tried it), then a wedding cake strain would be the best bridesmaid for you.

Jokes aside, in the event if you are attending a wedding party, your mind is going to be substantially concentrated on the party itself.

Yes, the union itself is a lovely event, though it is also mind-numbingly boring.

Depending on who is getting wedded and the wide variety of guests they welcome, the after party may introduce marijuana to go along with liberal amounts of alcohol!

As a matter of fact, there was a Cannabis Wedding Expo in Lafayette in January in the year 2018.

The primary goal of this wedding was to school soon-to-be-wedding couples how to incorporate weed into the precious plans of theirs— in a most elegant manner, of course!

Frankly speaking, I have this genuine feeling that the Wedding Cake cannabis strain may yet catch on and become a significant part of one lucky couple’s post-wedding party.

What Does Wedding Cake Strain Look, Smell, and Taste Like?

What Does Wedding Cake Strain Look, Smell, and Taste Like?
In essence, Wedding Cake strain weed is an indica dominant hybrid which is a cross of Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies (GSC).

Nevertheless, a few well-known and respected ombudsmen believe that Wedding Cake strain is genuinely a cross of

Animal Mints and Triangle Kush.

The Wedding Cake strain was developed in Southern California originally, though a grower called Kind Love accommodated with bringing this cannabis to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.

Speaking of the smell of Wedding Cake strain, once one gets past the earthy and doughy fragrance of it, he is generally compensated with an alluring, delicious odor.

The Wedding Cake strain’s notes proved that its backcrossed genetics are combined quite well and kept the all the major tart and sugary qualities of its forefathers.

Now, when it comes to the flavor of the Wedding Cake strain, because of its aroma, one might be a little astonished to find that earthy, and bitter flavors take over one’s taste buds as he uses Wedding Cake strain.

Luckily enough, the sweet notes come through after a little while.

It is generally recommended to use a vaporizer at a low-temperature setting in the event if one actually wants to get the best out of it.

When it comes to the appearance of Wedding Cake strain, the tops and sides of calyxes are predominantly covered by trichomes, while the shades of pinkish-red and grape guarantee that Wedding Cake strain has a sugar cookie aesthetic.

The nugs have a shape of teardrops and are pretty dense.

The overwhelming majority of consumers refer to Wedding Cake strain as to the ‘Pink Cookie’ because of its coloring.

THC and CBD Content of Wedding Cake Strain

THC and CBD Content of Wedding Cake Strain
The consumers of Wedding Cake strain are aware of the fact that this particular cannabis strain if a heavy hitter (to say the least) and lab tests have revealed versions of this strain with a THC content of twenty-seven percent.

I have already stated earlier in the article that THC content does not fundamentally provide the high one might expect.

Nevertheless, Wedding Cake strain is every bit as potent as its lab report implies; arguably even more than that!

Now, our team does not recommend this strain in case if one is a weed smoking amateur forasmuch as Wedding Cake strain is capable of sending one into dreamland before the consumer knows that something is happening.

Speaking of the CBD content of Wedding Cake strain, it hardly has more than twenty-three hundredths percent of CBD and usually has approximately one-tenth percent.

As a consequence, this strain commonly has a THC to CBD ratio of around two hundred fifty to one.

Notwithstanding, Wedding Cake strain additionally has high levels of the terpene, beta-caryophyllene, which in its turn creates a comparable response to high-CBD strains such as Harlequin, for instance.

As the terpene kicks the same CB2 receptors, Wedding Cake strain is an outstanding medicinal cannabis strain.

CBD Essence

What Does One Get with Wedding Cake Strain?

What Does One Get with Wedding Cake Strain?
Generally speaking, Wedding Cake strain is a remarkably powerful strain and is probably not the safest option for an after-wedding party toke unless one plans on going home soon after.

Its consumer will presumably feel a moderately psychedelic high and users report seeing everything in ‘high definition’!

Even though it does sound like a potentially frightening feeling, though luckily, Wedding Cake strain helps to calm one down and is an outstanding choice in case if one merely seeks to be relaxed.

Wedding Cake Strain and It is Medical Benefits

Wedding Cake Strain and It is Medical Benefits
Speaking of its medical benefits, Wedding Cake strain is quite often being used to treat one’s stress and depression for this cannabis strain is known to make its consumer feel happier and more stable.

A different way to describe how Wedding Cake strain influences an individual using it is that this cannabis strain makes one feel more like an observer than a participant, even when standing right in the middle of a lot.

The remarkably high THC levels can act as a mood elevator and a potent painkiller, at that.

As a consequence, Wedding Cake strain is a quite famous medicinal marijuana strain which can be used in order to treat musculoskeletal pain such as arthritis, sciatica, and fibromyalgia.

In some circumstances, Wedding Cake strain also can be used in order to treat various neurological conditions such as Lou Gehrig’s disease, for example.

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Does Wedding Cake Strain Have Any Possible Side Effects to It?

As is the case with almost every high-THC strain out there, there are some possible negative side-effects.

In case if one uses this strain way too much, then some issues like dry mouth or red eyes can occur.

In some rare cases, Wedding Cake strain can even cause panic attacks or stress to occur in individuals who are predisposed to these conditions.

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The Bottom Line

All in all, Wedding Cake strain is quite an intense marijuana strain that can help relieve pain, stress, and depression.

Not only does Wedding Cake strain have an extremely high THC level, but it also ‘feels’ as if one has just dabbed a concentrate.

Even though it can be a relaxing smoke, it is not for the beginner or individuals with a low weed tolerance.

It is possible to find versions of Wedding Cake strain with a slightly higher CBD content and lower THC content which in its turn may decrease the risk of side-effects.

Over the course of using this robust cannabis strain, your mind will feel invigorated, and you may break out into an uncontrollable burst of laughs.

Ultimately, your body will feel relaxed, and it will become possible that you slip into a peaceful sleep.

Do not forget though that it is vital to remember that the consumption of CBD is the individual responsibility of the user and discretion ought to be always taken.

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